Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The Bridgewater JCC in New Jersey was the first JCC to add a dedicated outdoor space for a MoveStrong T-Rex outdoor fitness station and other FitGround products. The JCC installed artificial turf in a fenced area so that members could access the space in a private area for individual workouts or take part in their regularly schedule group functional fitness classes. A great combination of exercising, fun, and classes under the sunshine! 
MoveStrong offers assistance in creating a unique outdoor fitness experience with the FitGround products. Combine our T-Rex outdoor FTS with many other individual stations based on size and training specifics you desire for all level of users. Learn more at 

outdoor fitness workout move strong JCC

outdoor fitness workout area move strong JCC
outdoor fitness workout move strong JCC monkey bars

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


MoveStrong has added a new FTS (Functional Training Station) to its lineup.
FTS functional fitness equipment MoveStrong
Functional fitness equipment workout

functional fitness equipment

The NOVA™ was unveiled at the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association’s annual trade show (IHRSA) in San Diego. MoveStrong has already changed the way many exercise with our original line-up of Functional Training Stations (FTS). Our newest innovative design, the NOVA FTS, is engineered to lead, not follow. Its pioneering features follow our philosophy that functional fitness and bodyweight exercises develop a strong, balanced body that can perform under any circumstance. The NOVA FTS is designed for users of all ages and facilities of all types. The NOVA has countless configurations and training options to create a system based on optimal fitness, size, and budget in a truly unique functional fitness training system. As with all MoveStrong FTS, the NOVA™ is highly customizable
with many features and options, including MoveStrong’s signature Sliding Pull-up™. The new NOVA™ has many new training options for customization, including Free Slide Anchors™, Vertical
Rope Anchors, built in Kick Plate, Anchor Rope Ladder, a challenging Arched Monkey Bar Bridge, built in storage for medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells and more. Ideal for group workouts with coaches and trainers, or just to provide exercisers with the most up to date functional training tools available. If you are looking for the highest quality design, look, USA made, and unique features for developing a truly fit and sound body, the NOVA FTS is for you.

MoveStrong, the makers of the indoor and outdoor FTS manufactured in the U.S., leads the way for innovative functional fitness tools. MoveStrong currently offers four free-standing
functional training stations, the T-Rex FTS outdoor and FitGround™, and several wall mounted FTS options and training tools including the new DynaBell™.

For more information about the NOVA™ FTS or any of the MoveStrong products visit or contact MoveStrong toll-free at 855-728-8700.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Luxury residential living community adds MoveStrong FitGround

The Johnson Development Corp. is a Houston-based, award-winning residential and commercial land development company which for more than three decades has set the standard for the nation’s finest master-planned communities. 

After installing a MoveStrong T-Rex  outdoor fitness station at a property in Virginia, the next luxury residential property was opening in Mount Pleasant South Carolina and wanted to dedicate more outdoor space for a fitness and wellness amenity. Haven at Midtown decided to install the complete MoveStrong FitGround in the courtyard next to the beautiful live oak tree.  The perfect  outdoor setting to promote health and wellness to its residents.  Ground included the T/Rex outdoor FTS with monkey bars,  zigzag balance beam,  balance steps,  elite parallel bars, very height  push-up bars, and stall more stretch station.

"The Haven at Midtown wanted to offer residents a fitness experience they could not find at another community and MoveStrong was the perfect fit.  We worked with MoveStrong to design a functional fitness training area that would cover many fitness aspects while providing an enjoyable outdoor experience.  MoveStrong delivered all the necessary equipment to give our residents an exciting new way to get the most out of their workout time.  The FitGround equipment was the perfect for the green space and has been well received by the community."

- Mendy Williams

Johnson Development

MoveStrong T Rex  outdoor fitness  equipment
T-Rex 7-post FTS with monkey bars

MoveStrong fitground outdoor stall bars stretch
MoveStrong  Fitground Outdoor stall bars 

Haven at Midtown outdoor fitness equipment amenity
 Haven at Midtown MoveStrong fitground outdoor fitness amenity 

 Monkey bars outdoor functional fitness
The all in one movestrong T Rex outdoor FTS

Balance beam balance step parallel bars push-up bars
  balance beam,   balance steps , elite parallel bars

Saturday, July 4, 2015

New Product Release! The DynaBell

CHATTANOOGA, Sep. 11th, 2014 - DynaBell™, a revolutionary new fitness product designed by functional fitness innovators MoveStrong™, is pleased to announce that it has received rave reviews from fitness and health professionals.

The DynaBell™ combines functional and traditional strength training in a single yet very powerful fitness tool. The DynaBell™ is perfect for a gym or can be tucked away under a bed and pulled out for the users daily exercise regiment. With an endless amount of exercises that can be achieved with the Dynabell™, the DynaBell™ allows the user to work a variety of muscle groups and can be used to incorporate movements that will engage the entire body as one connected unit targeting core strength and whole body stability while performing traditional dumbbell exercises. Exercising with the DynaBell™ results in developing lean muscle, improving human performance and providing real life strength to feel great and move efficiently in any direction.

“The DynaBell™ is yet another innovative idea from MoveStrong” quoted Matthew Rhea, PhD, CSCS*D, CES, PES President Race RX Associate Professor of Kinesiology of A.T. Still University. “From a bio-mechanical and physiological perspective, the added fluidity of movement with the DynaBell™ promotes added muscle coordination that is sough in dynamic training. The DynaBell™ allows the brain to focus on improving movement efficiency while removing mechanical speed bumps. The rotating handle and swivel components of the DynaBell™ provide just this.”

Features of the DynaBell™ include:

Multiple Grips for Functional Exercises - The DynaBell is equipped with multiple grips for maximum movement and handling. It can be curled, rolled and swung.

Rotating Center Handle - The rotating center handle is developed to allow the user to perform exercises such as the Dynabell Rollout, which targets the core and abdominal muscles.

Unrestricted Movement – While the center handle provides rotation, the end handles rotate the DynaBell heads independently of each other providing unrestricted movement.

Limitless Exercises - Due to its unique design, The Dynabell can be used in over a hundred exercises such as the; Weighted Crunch, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Biceps Curl, Tricep Extension, Wide Row, Squat, Reverse Lunge and Wrist Curl.

New Exercises - The DynaBell provides revolutionary new exercises such as the; DynaBell Windmill, DynaBell Swing, DynaBell Front Squat, DynaBell Lunge, DynaBell Clean and DynaBell Push-up.

To view a video product demonstration of DynaBell, please visit:

For more information on DynaBell including ordering information, please visit:

About MoveStrong™: MoveStrong™ is an inventor, manufacturer & distributor of functional fitness equipment. The company currently sells its equipment to retail and commercial customers with the goal of becoming the World’s #1 supplier of functional fitness equipment. The company also owns several trademarks and patents pending on product designs.

For more information about MoveStrong™ including video demonstrations, please visit:

Media Contact: Amy Sullivan, (855) 728-8700 or

New fitness park, MoveStrong FitGround, opens in Park City, Utah

Park City, UT, July 23, 2014  Beginning spring 2014, #ProjectParkCity brought a lot of anticipation to the community, in awaiting the exciting, new MoveStrong FitGround. However, residents will be pleased to know that the long wait is over  the latest installation is now complete!
As well as the Double T-Rex Outdoor Fitness Station, Park City put a lot of thought into what other FitGround options should be featured, and decided to incorporate equipment that covers a lot of fitness aspects. Firstly, there are the Over Under Bars, which are used by jumping over or crouching under different height bars as an obstacle, perfect for agility training. Secondly, there are Push-Up Bars, catering for different push-up variations, inverted rows, and other upper-body exercises. The park also features Parallel Bars, commonly used as a gymnastics tool and for bodyweight strength training. Another great piece of equipment is the Zig Zag Balance Beam, used for improving balance and coordination. And finally, Plyo Platforms, used for step-ups, box jumps, and similar variations.
All FitGround equipment is specially designed for outdoor use and is weather-proofed for tough and harsh conditions. 

Site preparation and planning 
Preparing post holes for in-ground installation of equipment

Finished Park City FitGround Project

Outdoor functional fitness training workout MoveStrong

Monday, January 13, 2014

O2 Fitness opens second Wilmington, NC location featuring MoveStrong

After much success of the first O2 Fitness in Wilmington, NC, O2 decided to add a second location at Hanover Center. O2 Fitness is well known for their beautiful health clubs throughout all of North Carolina, but one significant addition that sets the Wilmington-Hanover location apart is the addition of MoveStrong functional fitness equipment! O2 Wilmington-Hanover chose MoveStrong Squat Stand Systems, a Pull-up Bracket System with Monkey Z-Bar, Strength Logs, M3 Bars, Plyo Boxes, and SledgeBells. 

The 28,000-square foot club allows ideal space to perfectly showcase and execute MoveStrong products to their fullest potential. Great for individual or one-on-one training, group classes, strength & conditioning regimens, and overall performance enhancing workouts, O2 Fitness has created the ultimate functional training arena for its members. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

MMA Fighter, Thiago "The Pitbull" Alves trains harder, faster, stronger with MoveStrong

MMA Fighter, Thiago Alves, trains with MoveStrong in preparation for his 2014 return to the ring. After four surgeries and about a year of down time, Alves plans to fight at UFC 171 on March, 15 in Dallas.

The road to recovery has been a long but successful journey with the help of MoveStrong.  Thiago, "The Pitbull" Alves, trains on the MoveStrong Studio FTS to help increase strength, mobility, flexibility, and functionality as a part of his rehabilitation and strength and conditioning program.

The Pitbull is back!